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Jungle Jane’s started with a need for knowing how our food is grown, or raised, and that it can have a major impact on one’s physical, mental and emotional health as well as the environment. We started growing our own foods, and developed a love of gardening.  Greenhouse gardening allows our customers the benefit of growing beautiful plants year-round, and we want to do everything we can to help them in that endeavor.

We began by building a custom 12′ x 12′ greenhouse from locally sourced materials.It provided us a wonderful gardening experience and did a fine job of helping us propagate plants for our home and garden.

However, it was a custom piece that not just anyone could put together. In addition, it was built from custom materials not readily available to average consumers.  These factors inspired us to search for materials and plans which were aesthetically and conceptually pleasing, easy to assemble, and readily available, so that the greenhouse experience we had could be easily passed on to our customers.

We wanted to accomplish this within a reasonable budget for the average gardener. There is nothing more satisfying than growing things that truly add to one’s quality of life, and that was a driving principle for us.

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At Jungle Jane’s, we provide products for those people who wish to experience the cost-saving and health benefits of growing their own plants, the remarkable flavor difference from what one can get from the super-market, and the satisfaction and peace of mind of eating freshly home-grown produce grown by your own hands.

Our greenhouses are structurally superior and beautifully enhance a home garden space rather than detract from it. We have researched for quality products so that you don’t have to. You can be assured that when you buy one of our greenhouses you are getting a well-designed, lasting, and efficient structure for your garden.

As we have grown over the last 15 years we have added many products which supplement our core concept of developing a beautiful and sustainable home garden. Check out our shop for raised beds to make your gardening easier, or browse our inventory of home and garden decor to spice up your space!