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Jungle Jane’s welcomes you to our online store, where you’ll find quality goods that are sure to make your gardening experience all the more fulfilling and enjoyable. Should you have any questions about our products or want help deciding which is the right product for your location and needs, reach out! We’re an email or phone call away and LOVE helping people create the garden solutions of their dreams.



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We began by building a custom 12′ x 12′ greenhouse from locally sourced materials. It provided us a wonderful gardening experience and did a fine job of helping us propagate plants for our home and garden. However, it was a custom piece that not just anyone could put together. In addition, it was built from custom materials not readily available to average consumers. These factors inspired us to search for materials and plans which were aesthetically and conceptually pleasing, easy to assemble, and readily available, so that the growing experience we had could be easily passed on to our customers.

Our Process:

  • STEP ONE: We work to inform customers about the merits of glass vs. polycarbonate greenhouses, as well as raised beds, and assess client needs.
  • STEP TWO: We help our customers choose the right greenhouse and/or raised boxes for their property, depending on amount of light, wind and location.
  • STEP THREE: We recommend an installer for professional installation of greenhouses.
  • STEP FOUR: We help them enjoy their new greenhouse and/or raised beds!