While designed to be water and wind resistant, some leaking in your Greenhouse could occur, and may require adjustments over time.  Routine inspection and maintenance by the owner is recommended to minimize damage from wind and rain.  Bolts on Bracing and Frame should be inspected/tightened regularly since loosening can occur due to wind and inclement weather.  Doors and venting should be securely closed during storms to prevent wind damage.

Owners should address City, County permitting and HOA requirements of your neighborhood, if applicable.

Our Greenhouses are fabricated in Metric measurements; we have converted the measurements to nearest feet on our Greenhouse displays at our store and online. To make sure you have measurements that are correct for your Greenhouse site, an exact measurement of the display model is recommended.

The owner is to ensure reasonable access to the area where the greenhouse will be installed.  Assembly costs are from the ground up only and are based on the owner providing a level, compacted and prepared site.  Any additional site preparation would be an extra cost and, in most cases, cannot be performed by the installer who might be traveling from a great distance or does not have equipment, materials or added time to complete the site for installation.

Please see our Refund and Returns Policy.