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Glass Heavy Tropic

Glass Heavy Tropic


The classic beauty of a glass greenhouse can add value to your home: an irresistible and also practical improvement.  Tempered glass is ridged which provides strength and endurance under the toughest of weather conditions. It is always available and installs easily.

The greater Pacific Northwest has comparatively mild weather, which means glass works well to protect vegetation and prevent freezing temperatures from impacting your plants, particularly with the addition of floor material for thermal mass. Because glass and aluminum are lifetime products, glass is a great choice for many years of growing vegetables and other plants of your choice. Another benefit of glass greenhouses is their ability to withstand windy conditions.

10mm Polycarbonate roofing material is standard with these units. Glass roofing is optional.

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Glass Heavy Tropic

10' x 13', 10' x 20', 10' x 26', 13' x 13', 13' x 20', 13' x 26', 16' x 20', 16' x 26', 16' x 33', 23' x 26', 23' x 40', 23' x 52'


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