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Riga Greenhouse

Riga Greenhouse


ADVANCED POLYCARBONATE RIGA Style:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  The pinnacle of a greenhouse, hands down the best when you require performance.  The triple or double-walled 10-year poly panels insulate and diffuse light to ensure heat build-up and retention while minimizing the sun’s direct intensity.  Precisely engineered and stout aluminum framing enables these  ‘Do-it-yourself kits’ to see many years of service, with the highest tolerance of extreme weather conditions of wind, snow, and salt spray.  The insulating ability, especially of the triple-walled variety, enables the owner to consider winter heating as an option if needed.


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  • The Riga is quite possibly the best greenhouse available today
  • Highly engineered
  • Heavy aluminum framing
  • Automatic roof vents
  • Classic Dutch door
  • Onion/gothic arch design combats inclement weather with superior strength
  • High-grade UV protected polycarbonate
  • Additional accessories available: Base, Shelves, Venting
  • Rear window and locking doors on all units


Key Specs / Options

triple- and double-walled (16mm-8mm)

10 year poly-carnoite panels

Aluminum stout frame

Stainless-steel hardware ​

Automatic venting windows (2-4)

‘Dutch’ doors, locking (2)

Drop-down door kit available

Accessories and upgrade options


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Riga sizes

Riga 2S, Riga 3S, Riga 3, Riga 4S, Riga 4, Riga 5, Riga XL 5, Riga XL 6, Riga XL 7, Riga XL 8, Riga XL 9


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